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However, this side effect is more common when steroids are abused, and not reasonably used. Water retention on a steroid cycle Anabolic steroids use does result in higher water retention. It means that gains in muscular mass, endurance, and strength may not be as much as total weight gain. Is it good or bad. Steroids used by Football players Although we often Equipoise AAS use of steroids with bodybuilding, weight lifting, or cycling, however, we tend to neglect the use of steroids in football. However, American football differs in a way Equipoise stack it requires higher body weight, more physical power, a Can steroids kill you. You hear it quiet often, right. Lets talk about the reality. Are steroids able to kill you. Which steroids are safer, oral or injectable. Ever wondered which steroids have less side effects. Here you can find more about it Best age to start with Steroids When can I start with steroids. Do Steroids cause Roid Rage.

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